Evening Reception

Once all the formalities are over, speeches made and toasts drank, You and your guests can relax. Our staff will be working hard to transform your room ready to receive your evening guests, we can welcome up to 300 people in the evening.

The First Dance

The moment you have been waiting for – newly weds, dancing together for the first time in front of all your family and friends. Some couples will find this the most daunting thing in the world. But don’t worry – this is your moment, so enjoy it! We can arrange your first dance to be as intimate or as informal as you like. If being up on your own is your idea of torture, why not make it a little easier? How about getting both sets of parents up along with you? You will be surprised how much easier that will make it.

Evening Buffet

Our theme is “Your Wedding, Your Way” and the evening buffet is no exception. We have a huge choice of buffets available: we can compile an individual buffet menu just for you, hot or cold, simple or extravagant. Many of our newly weds have taken advantage of our gardens and opted for outdoor banquets, BBQs, or one of our specialities – hog roast. The smell of roast pork turning on the spit is enough to make any of your guests come back for more! We can also include premium burgers and a salad bar for an extra charge.